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polyken 900 tape wrap for pipeline protection

In-plant & On-site coating systems

Polyken Pipeline Tape Wraps and Coatings from

Protection Engineering

Tape systems for long term corrosion protection

Polyken® tape coating systems provide proven long term corrosion prevention utilizing cold-applied and fused tape coatings. These coating systems can be applied in plant and in field installations that meet current global standards.

polyken 930-35 tape wrap

Polyken® consists of a wide range of tape coating systems that meet the rigorous demands of both on-land and off-shore pipelines. Polyken® coating systems utilize expertly engineered high tensile polyolefin backings formulated for resistance to water absorption and soil stress. Polyken®’s proprietary cross-linked butyl-alloy adhesives are specially formulated for high bond strength, high shear resistance and long term stability. Polyken®’s anti-corrosion pipeline coating system is known and documented to provide long term anti-corrosion protection to steel pipelines.

930-35 Tape Wrap

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1600 High Temp Tape

polyken 980 and 955 tape wraps

980/955 Tape System

Tape Coatings for Pipeline Corrosion Protection

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Over 55 years of proven performance

polyken tape wrap products for pipeline corrosion protection

Products including 930 Tape, 932 Tape, 980 Tape, 955 Tape, 934 Tape, 1600 Tape

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Polyken Pipeline Tape Wrap About Us
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